JUBILEE SYSTEMS LIMITED is an ICT company with head office in Abuja. By setting up advanced customer relations machinery, we are able to reach across most of the economic sectors and across major cities in Nigeria.

At Jubilee Systems, we do not believe in re-inventing the wheel. We simply evaluate our clients’ businesses and recommend the best IT solutions and practices. In this advisory and consultancy role, we help our clients to reduce the head ache involved in managing their businesses in today’s complex business environment. We build on trust, our most important tool.

To enable us achieve our mission, we have in our employ, experienced & tested staff who are experts in their own fields. We also have formed strategic partnerships with major industry players in the sub-domains of systems design, software development, hardware sales & maintenance and computer training.

Simply put, we are your one-stop shop for all your IT needs. These include:

  • Accounting Software & Implementation
  • ChequeWriting Software
  • Biometrics Time Attendance System
  • Point of Sale System
  • Website Design & Development
  • Hotel Management System
  • Internet marketing & advert campaigns (Facebook & Google advertising)
  • Microsoft SharePoint Intranet
  • IT Consultancy & Training

Our research has shown that many establishments identify, at least to some extent, what a proper IT implementation can do for their businesses. However, for lack of finance, such projects are jettisoned for activities of immediate impact. We have set out to not only implement effective solutions for our clients; we also have a solution for most organizations despite their financial constraints.


With the advent of the internet, information is so easily obtained and transmitted. As it were, the problem of many is to handle the information over load, rather than the lack of it. It is a problem of choice from many alternatives. In the midst of many, the desired becomes inconspicuous. We recommend best solutions and practices. We help you to implement these solutions and practices. We take away your stress. You watch your business grow!

Wouldn’t you rather deal with a trusted & tested group? We invite you to invite us today so we can analyze your business needs especially as it concerns information technology. You can’t believe what a proper IT implementation will do to your business!


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